Committed to the Happiness Industry
At Hotusa Group, we maintain a strong commitment to the sector and its development to ensure a positive impact on the region. We believe in the importance of acting as responsible and active participants in our environment, and to achieve this, we undertake initiatives with a comprehensive approach.
Our company strives to make a positive impact in various areas of operation. Through our own organisation or strategic alliances, we propel the tourism sector with the conviction that it is a vital engine for economic, social and cultural development.
Letter from the President
Hotusa Group is a committed and responsible organisation. Therefore, beyond the company's economic achievements, we take great pride in our connection to art and culture, our efforts in heritage recovery and our steadfast advocacy for quality tourism rooted in sustainability.

Our strategy focuses on continually seeking innovative approaches that positively impact society.
At Hotusa Group, we believe this contribution is not only an ethical imperative but also a crucial factor for the organisation's long-term success.

We aim to demonstrate that financial performance and social responsibility are not mutually exclusive challenges but rather interconnected. Indeed, achieving economic benefits aligns with other equally significant objectives such as promoting cultural advancement and preserving historical heritage.

With this vision, we tirelessly work towards shaping a sustainable future. And this endeavour wouldn't be achievable without a team fully embracing our culture and values. Therefore, we express our deep gratitude to all within the organisation who are integral to this shared vision, and with whom we look forward to advancing towards a promising and enriching future.
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Amancio López Seijas
President of Hotusa Group
Awards for promoting art and culture The organisation hosts a significant number of awards and cultural competitions covering various artistic and cultural disciplines, such as narrative, sculpture, drawing and photography.
Exhibitions in hotels The chain's hotels host art exhibitions of various disciplines, including photography, painting and sculpture, fostering connections with local artists.
Activities agenda Through its hotel chain Eurostars Hotel Company, it maintains a packed schedule of activities held within its hotel facilities. These culturally enriching activities are open to various groups, including both locals and guests.
  • Narrative, literature and photography awards and competitions Visit the website
  • Wine & Books literary gatherings Visit the website
  • Own art collection
  • Sponsorship of music festivals
  • Exhibitions in hotels
Renovating historic heritage The company is deeply committed to preserving historical legacy. This commitment is manifested through projects aimed at restoring historical or emblematic buildings, re-purposing them into hotels and focusing on keeping them in a perfect state of repair and preserving their cultural, historical and artistic legacy.
Dual training and professional development The organisation supports the dual training model as a formula that fosters dynamic learning closely linked to the professional world. We therefore help young professionals enter the world of business who wish to develop within one of the many areas of the industry.
Activities with universities Hotusa Group annually hosts the inter-academic competition Talent Match, part of the Smart People programme. This initiative provides students with an initial glimpse into the business world and professional dynamics, as they tackle real challenges.
  • Talent Match project Visit the website
  • Dual training programmes
  • Collaborations with foundations to train individuals at risk
    of social exclusion
Creating spaces for meetings, debate and reflection The organisation undertakes numerous initiatives affecting various groups connected to the economic, business and political spheres. This activity aims to advocate for sector development and influence the factors that can help generate wealth and guide its growth.
Establishing workplaces outside urban centres Hotusa Group has diverse work centres that encourage the growth of quality local employment by driving development of the rural area outside of urban centres and promoting territorial cohesion. Among them is the Chantada centre, which employs over 200 specialists in different fields.
Organisation of sports events The company organises various sports events throughout the year to encourage and strengthen relationships with the destinations where the hotel chain is present.
Developing an ecological transition plan The organisation is deeply involved in developing a plan of actions aimed at an efficient ecological transition for the company and its hotels.

The roadmap includes reducing energy and water consumption, CO2 emissions, as well as minimising waste and promoting recycled materials. The focus is on reducing environmental impact, supporting the local community, promoting new patterns of sustainable consumption and advocating for a regenerative tourism model that aims not only to minimise negative impacts on destinations but also to enrich the environment.
Organising charitable events for fundraising in support of various causes Hotusa Group demonstrates a firm commitment to charitable causes, reflecting its sensitivity towards social responsibility. Every action the company takes aims to generate a positive impact in its sphere of influence.
  • Organisation of Eurostars Torre Sevilla Charity Gala
  • Organisation of Eurostars Gran Hotel La Toja Charity Gala
  • Charity Gala Sponsorship of events associated with charitable cause